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Insect Prevention

   Every Spring seems to bring with it a large number of enquiries regarding the control of bugs, especially spider mites.

Spider mites, thrips, aphids and whiteflies are the most common insects to be attracted to an indoor garden. All the above images are courtesy of the University of Kentucky. These pests can be a problem all year round but seem to become a large problem in the Spring as temperatures increase. The higher temperatures increase the breeding rates of these pests which often leads to an infestation. Mites and other pests can be present in small populations in the winter and be barely noticeable to the gardener unless they have been checking the undersides of the leaves where most insects like to feed and hang around. The above scenario is more likely to be the case than, "All of a sudden I have a mite infestation!, never had them before."

It is essential to establish a regular prevention program for pest and diseases. Part of pest prevention is maintaining a clean and orderly growroom. Get rid of dead leaves and try to keep from overcrowding plants. Congested and crowded growrooms act as a haven and breeding ground for bugs.

Make sure to pretreat any new plants that are to be introduced to the growroom. There is no sense in carrying pests and their larvae right into the growroom.

When problem plants are being treated remember to be thorough. Two or three sprays of a pyrethrum based product will not eradicate all of the pests. It is best to use a spray over a period of 21-28 days, depending on the life cycle of the pests.

Another preventative measure is to lower temperature. This will slow the breeding rate of most problem insects and help photosynthesis(leading to an increased growth and yield).

For more info. on pest and disease from our catalogue link here.

For biological control of insects through the use of predatory insects call for more info. toll free at 1-877-615-9654.

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